Search-driven Knowledge Management

Powerful Filters

@One allows you to create your own personalized streams of content with a user friendly layout and filters like never before.

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Searh Results

Limitless potential in creating the searches you need. We’ve developed an unbiased semantic AI that does the searching for you.

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White Label

White label solutions for organizations, audiences, employees. Build and customize your stream with our in house developers.

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Rather than be fed by an AI that uses statistics to determine a perceived  truth, let’s feed AI together with balanced transparency so that humans remain in the drivers seat.

6+ Pre-built Ready Demos

This powerful and flexible platform makes it easier to manage your search

@ONE Stream automatically personalizes search results, identifies like-minded users & analyzes their collective behavior to deliver unbiased personalized content.

Semantic AI search engine that brings people closer together. Save weeks of time and build your streams effortlessly.
Search-Driven Knowledge Management

There is an overflowing river of content on the internet that is chaotic and biased. Search engines are made chaotic, current news aggregators are biased, and the few existing solutions are broken and difficult to navigate.

Highly Customisable

Ultimate control with pulled sources and algorithms with advanced search protocols.

Search Engine Optimized

Current aggregators are limited on where they are pulling their information from, we are not.


Full analytical data on streams to better understand interests and needs of audience.

Unbiased Search Results

Create multiple AI driven streams with full control to refine data including controlled bias.

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18+ Pre-built Pages

Search Driven Knowledge Management

It has purpose oriented design and it is suitable for users with zero programming skills as well as advanced developers.